Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Part 28: Routines

It was the start of the woman's third month of treatment, her fourth oncologist appointment. By now, she had the routine down:
  • Check in
  • Verify her med list
  • Take a pain survey
  • Wait
  • Get called in
  • Get weighed
  • Have blood pressure and temperature taken
  • Wait some more
  • Talk to the doctor
  • Hear that she needs more chemo
  • Walk over to the infusion therapy center
  • Wait some more
  • Get called in
  • Have blood pressure and temperature taken
  • Wait some more
  • Get a shot
  • Leave
The woman felt good about this appointment and was already prepared to hear whatever news came her way, be it good, bad, or less good than her expectation. Whatever the outcome, she knew even before meeting with the doctor she would still need to get another round of chemo. The doctor had said that once her values hit negative, she would need to do one last run. So, either her values were negative this week or they weren't. She hoped for the former.

"Your value is 8.9," said the oncologist.

It was a 55 percent drop from two weeks before—still good, because it was dropping, but not yet negative, so it meant at least two more rounds of chemo. Luckily, by this point the injection schedule had worked itself out to be after she got off work, so she wouldn't have to make up time.

"I'm hoping for an early Christmas present next time," the woman said.

"Well, I can't make any promises," the oncologist replied. "When is your birthday?"

"February third."

"We might be able to make that happen."

It wasn't the best news, but it was good. The woman resolved to keep her hopes up for next time. She made her way over to her next stop to get her shot.

Count it all joy, she thought.

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